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May 30, 2001

Why, then the world's mine oyster,
Which I with sword will open.

- William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Profile: Mrs. Hanson Grade 5/4 Class Web Site, Crichton Park School, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

We hit upon a magical site today. It epitomizes the impact that technology can have upon learning. We found it because the students in this Grade 4/5 combined class were honored with a second place finish for their Grassroots Communities web site on "The Halifax Explosion". That's not all these students, and their teachers, Mrs. Hanson, have been up to, however. Take a look! It's quite amazing how they have extended their classroom learning to their own community and well beyond to their global community by using the technology available via the World Wide Web.

You will find an original Power Point Presentation on William Shakespeare. (You'll also find a great deal more about William in the web site this class has developed, "Shakespeare is Elementary"!)

Technology has allowed students to not only learn new knowledge, but to produce it. You'll see what we mean when you surf through this class' Alternative Energy site. Take time to learn about their Baby Experiment and download the plug-ins your will need to watch the video on the human body for which they received an honorable mention in the Discovery Center's Video Contest.

Whoever thought learning could be so much fun! Well this site just proves how much fun it can actually be when technology is incorporated into the curriculum as a fundamental teaching tool. We congratulate Mrs. Hansen and her students for a job well done! I think you can tell that we at Vital Knowledge are very impressed by the work you are doing!

Take time to also check out the web class web sites at Crichton Park School. The staff at this school is certainly taking optimum advantage of today's information technology resources! We encourage the staff and students to keep up the good work! We'll keep checking back in to your site! We hope many others do to!


"Have you read Shakespeare?"
"No, Who wrote it?"

From: The Comedy Lab